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Andy Seymour

Andy Seymour

New York, NY

Andy Seymour is an internationally recognized educator of cocktails, spirits and Sherry.  As one of America’s top mixologists, he brings a diversity of experience to the profession. Andy developed his passion for the craft of cocktails working in clubs and high volume bars in New York City and the Hamptons, where his enthusiasm for creating drinks became a top priority.

In 1994, Andy met his greatest influence in the spirits world, industry expert and educator Steve Olson. Working together, Andy acquired a deep knowledge and understanding of spirits and he refined the basis for his approach to cocktails and mixology; integrating fresh juices and purees and working with high-end products.

Andy eventually stepped out from behind the bar to focus on his work with Olson’s company aka winegeek. In the process, Andy worked with their clients to create and mix and teach at the highest level of the industry. Through this relationship Andy develops and executes cocktails for top spirit brands, and conducts staff training and mixology sessions for bartenders worldwide. In addition to his partnership at BAR, Andy is a partner at aka winegeek and owns his own company, Liquid Production, which is devoted to the education and understanding of today’s cocktail culture.